Laboratory of Dendrochronology

Since 1970, wood samples from archeological excavations and architectural historic investigations from Rhineland-Palatinate and beyond are analyzed at the Laboratory of Dendrochronology (Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier) regarding their tree ring characteristics. In addition to these application-oriented dating a further focus of the scientific work is on the basic research in dendrochronology, particularly regarding the creation of supraregional long-term chronologies (e.g. Central European oak chronology by Hollstein).  


On the following pages you will find corresponding information on the field of activity, current research projects and events.  


Wood sample from Bad Bertrich with mark every five years 



Current Projects: 

- Compilation of a 6000–years long Central European oak chronology for hydroclimatic reconstructions, project management: Dr. Willy Tegel (Laboratory for Dendrology, Chair of Forest Yield and Dendroecology, University of Freiburg, )  


- Revision of available dendrochronological investigations as part of the interdisciplinary research project regarding architectural and art history of the Cathedral of Trier in cooperation with the University of Trier (Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kerscher) and the Technical University of Munich (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Schuller) 



Measuring table 



Andreas Rzepecki

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