1636 - ihre letzte Schlacht

17. April bis 18. Oktober 2015




flyer for the special exhibit 


The horrible find of a mass grave in the city of Wittstock in Brandenburg was a unique archaeological discovery throughout Europe. The skeletons originate from 125 soldiers that lost their lives in the Thirty Years’ War at the battle of Wittstock. The interred remains were researched by scientist from various fields which allowed gathering numerous details about the lives of these soldiers. 


From April 17th to October 15th the Rhineland State Museum in Triers presents the exhibition “1636 – Their Last Battle” by the Archeological State Museum Brandenburg. Historical documents, gold treasures and weapons recount the everyday live during the Thirty Years’ war amidst the setting of a baroque city, a reproduced military camp and a battle field. Special focus of the exhibition is given to the objects found at the historical battlefield from 1636. State-of-the-art scientific analyses enable reconstructing the path through life of the 125 buried men, starting from their childhood in different regions of Europe, to their changeful life in the army until their death in battle. More than 2000 objects, pieces to touch, media stations, movies, as well as a special story thread for children, constitute to the exhibit’s character as a cultural event for all age groups and interests.