Age Determination

We gladly take over the dating of your wood samples on request. Our field of activity includes: 


• Archaeological Preservation (house and bridge constructions, water pipes, wells, spring catchments etc.) 

• Preservation of Historical Monuments (residential buildings, castles, sacral buildings etc.)  

• Art History (z.B. sculptures, painting boards, book covers, etc.)  


We process samples from humid soils, dry woods and charcoals of different types of tree species, such as oak, beech and fir (alder, pine and spruce on request). Important notes concerning the sampling are summarized in the information sheets below. 


Our services include the preparation, measurement and dating of wood samples. Consultation and assistance concerning the sampling (e.g. core extraction) and sample preparation for exhibition purposes are possible. 


The dating results will be presented to the client in form of a report. This includes tabular and graphical (on request) overviews and a commentary on the analysis. In order to allow the customer an optimal orientation in the use of the dating, the results are additionally described by grades of a rating system. As required, a simple or comprehensive report or a print-ready manuscript for publication will be delivered (Pricing is based on complexity). 



The cost of a dendrochronological dating is based primarily on the scientific interest of the RLM Trier, the number of samples to be processed and the expenditure of time. Since the dating of a single sample takes more time in relation to the examination of one object with several samples, the prices are graded. Supplements are charged for samples that require an additional pretreatment due to their poor state of preservation. On request, an estimate of costs can be made upon receipt of the samples. 


For price information please have a look at the following information sheet or contact our staff. 


From top to bottom: spring catchment from Trier - Feyen (known as Römersprudel); Charcoal findings from Trier-Petrisberg ; Small board from the north-west tower of the Cathedral of Trier